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PHP homework help privacy policy

This privacy policy explains how we use our clients' information we collect from them. We encourage every user of this website to read and understand this privacy policy. If any part of this policy is not clear to you, contact our team for an explanation. Note that we can modify or change the contents of this policy and, therefore, visit this section from time to time.

Our privacy policy

Phphomeworkhelp.com is the sole owner of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is meant to explain how we use the information we collect for all our clients. The information in this section is subject to change. We can change the contents of this privacy policy without informing our clients. Therefore, we advise all our clients to keep visiting this page to familiarize themselves with any changes that may have been put in place. We do not have a restriction on the number of times you can visit this section.

Client information

When you want to use our PHP homework help service, we ask for general information from you. The information we ask for is meant to make it easier to deliver the service you are looking for. Note that we only ask our clients for general information such as the full names of the client, delivery date and time of the work, email address, and any other information that we may find useful for the service delivery. Our team will never ask for personal information such as your passwords and pins. Note that all the information you sent to us is for internal use only. We do not share the information you share with us with third parties.

How we use the information, we get from our clients

We use the information we collect from our clients for three major purposes;

Reach out to the clients if you have any questions regarding their homework. When working on a task, we may need clarification about the work, which is why we may need to contact the client. In such a case, we use the information they have shared with us to contact them. After completing the homework, we also use the details clients share with us to send the completed work to them.

The information is also used internally for statistical purposes. We use details from our clients to know how our business is faring. To know whether our business is progressing well or badly, we check the number of clients we receive within a certain period. As stated above, this is only done internally, and therefore your information does not find itself in the hands of third parties.

If we have a new service, we use the information we collect from our clients to inform them about the new service. From time to time, we add new services to our platform, and therefore we always find the new service necessary.

When third parties can access the information, we collect from our clients.

Phphomeworkhelp.com ensures that your information does not find its way to third parties. However, there are circumstances when we may be forced to share the information with a third party. Some of the instances when we may be forced to share your information include;

When your information is required by a government agency such as a court of law, there are many instances when government instances may require information. The instances include when one is suspected of having been doing money laundering, when there are tax disputes, and many other instances. Our platform is operated in accordance with the law, and therefore, in such a case, if the information is required, we are obliged to comply with the order. Therefore, if a government agency requires information in our possession, we will share it.

Suppose we suspect that our security systems may have been breached. In that case, we will immediately transfer all the information in our possession to our security providers to ensure that it is safe. In such a case, our security provider becomes a third party. We do everything to ensure that the information within our possession is safe. Note that our security providers have an existing non-disclosure agreement, and therefore you can be sure that your information will be safe.

Your information can also find its way to our service providers when upgrading our systems or transferring our data. However, they are well monitored, and the information will remain safe in such cases.

Information security

Phphomeworkhelp.com values the security of every client. To ensure that all the information in our possession is safe, we have the most advanced security systems in place. However, we understand that no security system is perfect, so we keep on improving what we have. We have partnered with the best security provider, and that is why we guarantee our clients the best quality. If there is a security breach, our security providers will deal with it immediately.


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