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PHP homework help refund policy

Phphomeworkhelp.com is a top platform with a fully operational refund policy that students can refer to when seeking a refund from us. Our refund policy has all the details on when one can seek a refund from us. We, therefore, urge all our clients to use this refund policy as a guide when seeking a refund from us. Note that this refund policy can be updated or changed at any time. Therefore, you must go through this refund policy from time to time to be up to date with any changes that may have been put in place.

Our refund policy

Our platform has a fully operational refund policy which students can use when they want to seek a refund from us. This policy increases the trust levels between our clients and us. Different factors can make a client seek a refund from us. We work hard to ensure that everything goes according to the instructions and the contract. Note that we are very honest with our services. If we cannot complete a task within a specified time, we inform you immediately and even initiate a refund if you are not in a position to the extent of the time. If you want to seek a refund from us, we expect you to prove that you had paid for a service and we did not deliver based on the contract. Note that all refunds are made to the same account used to make the payment.

Circumstances when you can seek a refund from us

There are many circumstances when a client can qualify for a refund. These circumstances include;

When a client makes a double payment for the same work, our team will refund the extra amount to you. If you have another task that you want to hire us for, you can use this extra amount for the same.

If all our experts are held up with other tasks, we will immediately inform you and then start the process of refunding your money. However, this has not happened before because we only accept tasks that we can complete within a specified period. When we accept a project, we already have an expert who will work on it.

If you cancel an order within ten minutes after hiring us, you will qualify for a refund. Note that this policy does not apply to quizzes, exams, tests, and orders, which are termed urgent tasks. Urgent tasks are started immediately after you hire us.

Cancellation of an order

An order can be cancelled by either the client or by us. Many reasons can make us cancel an order. If we notice that the client used another person’s payment method without their consent, we will immediately cancel the order. If we notice that the money you are using to pay us is obtained illegally or through money laundering, we will cancel the order. Lastly, if we notice that you are using our website for other purposes other than the stated purposes, we will also cancel your order. Note that you will not qualify for a refund when we cancel an order.

What is more, if any damages have been incurred, you will be held liable. From the client-side, you can cancel an order for different reasons, which you will inform us of during the cancellation. After you cancel an order, we will inform you whether you qualify for a refund or not.